Friday, June 4, 2010

Cracks In the Pavement

For the last two weeks I have been spending time in upstate Pennsylvania (about a 45 minute drive northwest of Scranton). Driving around this part of the state I have noticed and often tried to avoid patches of broken asphalt in the road. It seems dirt roads are less worrisome than these dreaded jagged piles of broken asphalt. Although I felt that the pictures of the ravaged roads were impressive just as images, I thought posting a few pictures might also highlight the need for road repair. I can't imagine what these roads would be like with a lower tax revenue. The following image was made while I was going for a walk.

The image below is a little further down the road.

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Hartmut said...

This looks like a side road. In Michigan, in some places, freeways look like that. For example, M-59.