Thursday, November 24, 2011

A View of Thanksgiving and Beyond

(To learn more about the "Viewfinder Project" see the original post.)

I never thought of the winter holiday season in relation to a lime green color. However, perhaps it is useful to envision the season in a broader way. Without allowing for alternative views, it is not possible to see life as having a full spectrum. When looking at Leslie Mutchler's "Viewfinder" (seen below) in the context of Thanksgiving, it is possible to envision a feast in the tropics. This is brought about through color but also because the food presented is all fruit. 

Leslie Mutchler, Viewfinder, mixed media collage, 4 1/4in. x 6in., 2006
Inpart because Jesus was Jewish, my thoughts of Christmas are intertwined with Judaism. Noah Simblist has created a series of abstract paintings that build from the Star of David. In the work he sent me (below), I feel like the star is becoming or being born. Again for me the lime color reflects life, growth, and a warmer climate. When Simblist and Mutchler made their "Viewfinders" I doubt they knew each other and they lived in separate parts of the country. Now they both spend there time in the heat of Austin, Texas. Indeed maybe there is something in the stars and why not a brighter green?
Noah Simblist, Viewfinder, Acrylic and Graphite, 6in. x 4 1/4in., 2006

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