Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cheese Cake in a Jar and Hercules Segers

Valentines Day brought about two surprises. First, a wonderful co-worker made cheesecake served in little jars (akin to a parfait) for all of the workers on the clock. Second, my friend Emmet surprised me with a book about the printmaker Hercules Segers. We had talked about Segers and this book for months and little did I know he ordered it. Never, did I feel so thankful and blessed to have good friends. Regarding the photograph above, I cannot recall another time that I felt a picture need to be made fast because the primary subject would be digested. In more ways then one it seems that a treat in a jar and a book are food for thought.


Holly Sysko said...

The smallest gestures of kindnesses are the most important. And they can be discovered everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

Kip Deeds said...

Holly, it is true that small acts of kindness are important. It is also interesting how seemingly unrelated gestures come together.