Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Facebook Art Challenge Part 4

(Note: The challenge required posting 3 images of artwork a day for five days and then nominating another artist to do the same.)

My Facebook art challenge day 4 featured characters I had either invented or developed in a unique way. Because I had documented two out of three of these figures previously on this blog, I will not repeat myself.  However, offered here are links to these posts featuring Mr. Wisor and Phil Poppin. Sophia (as seen below) was the last representative shown on day 4. A friend recently asked me about Sophia, and I replied: "With regard to Sophia, she is associated with wisdom and this was my grandmother's name. Also when reading about Sophia, I found that for those that do not understand wisdom Sophia takes on the appearance of a haggard old woman where as her beauty becomes more apparent for those who understand wisdom."

Kip Deeds, Sophia, Ink and Collage, 2014

Next, I nominated artist Walter Andersons for this art challenge. In 1997 I drove out to Chicago for the first time, Walter was among several people that saved me. I had very little planned. Walter, barely knowing me, spent a free day with me and took me around town in style. Below is a post card I have kept pinned to my bulletin board since 1999. The front features one of Walter's paintings. Andersons's art often features meticulous studies of photocopied source material (often art related images or text). This content is coupled with an abstract background. Here painting enlivens subject matter that, being derived from photocopies, are often several generations from its source. These images offer qualities and observations that are both reflective and altogether new. Included are two links to Walter's artwork, one site features paintings from the late 1990's and another presents more recent offerings.

Front (painting by Walter Andersons) and back of exhibition post card from 1999

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